Final (Best of 35 frames) Afternoon session (13:00 BST) Table 1: Mark Selby v Luca Brecel. Shelby Stanga earned his net worth as the star of Ax Men, an American documentary reality television series which aired on the History Channel. In any event, McLarens car passed Miles, robbing him of a potentially historic triple crown (hed already won prestigious races at Daytona and Sebring). However, he has featured his wife, Donna, on The Legend Of Shelby, the Swamp Man, as the show is about his life. This process results in a rainbow of colors yellow, red, blue, green, purple and brown and a very attractive product that Stanga sells to such furniture-makers as the Northshore's Keith Dufour. Deadliest Catch should go away. Stanga, as the show chronicles, pulls ancient sinker logs out of the Bedico Swamp in Tangipahoa Parish. Following his guest appearance on the show, Shelby caught the attention of History Channel who invited him to feature on their reality series, Ax Men. Deep in the Louisiana Bayou lives a legend. The show captured Stanga recovering abandoned logs from waterways with the help of his wife, dog, friends, cousins, and nieces. We havent seen much of the couple since then. For living legend Shelby Stanga, the last two years have been his hardest. Jah knows what you are doing same with the Mountin Men God sees every thing you do. Death and accident Keep up the wood work! Thats all a person can be. Is Brooke shields related to willow shields? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It only lasted one season, with five episodes. When provided, we also incorporate private tips and feedback received from the celebrities or their representatives. The swamp logger prefers to sleep in a sleeping bag and hammock next to a boat launch on the Tangipahoa River. This made us realize how dangerous the career may be, and it appears that the accidents we saw on the show may have occurred in real life. he doesnt know a single action from a double action?? It started out as a simple documentary and they ran with it for far too long. Stay Tuned With Us:MarriedCelebTo Know More About Presenters. And it wasnt a pretty sight. The 59- year-old presenter, Shelby, is currently in a marital relationship with his girlfriend turned spouse, Donna. Did Shelby's pirate ship sink? Just like a protective father, he keeps his childrenaway from the limelight. He has been a logger there for over 37 years. Popular American Celebrity, Shelby Stanga is able to accumulate an impressive net worth of $2 million. 48 talking about this. Not the first time Shelby has got excited and fired that thing off. Tags: TV Actor So, he has kept the information about his family and love life to himself. Its all about keeping ratings up for the baboons that actually think that its entertaining. In an episode of Jehovahs Witness that aired in 2012, he made his first public appearance with his wife. You really are a Great Man. And hes been working as a logger for more than 37 years. I havent watched this, but I do enjoy Deadliest Catch. That cylinder doesnt look near long enough for a 500. Better the mass should be willing to watch a two-hour explication of tax-code distortions, but thats not going to happen. In 2018, however, the reality star launched yet another show titled The Return of Shelby The Swamp Man. I only hope the best for you, I really do. In these companies, the average logger salary for fallers was $26.37 per hour or $54,850 per year in 2019. wow! Equally, he was born under the birth sign, Capricorn. The company did not sign for more episodes because they were asked to do more than just cut trees. You are using an out of date browser. By the time Shelby Stanga turned 16, he was already working with a dredging company. Jealous that Shelby is living life on his terms. .44 super black hawk with an 11.5 in bull barrel I have one identical to it its kinda surprising though its a rather rare gun. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hooooahhh! yea your probly not even old enough to mount to the yrs SHELBY been holding that gun . I also wouldnt watch a show about his manners rather than his logging. Too the Swamp People ! Maybe im crazy. A lot of you suburban commandos really are just gun snobs. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. I have seen firsthand the skills and complete lack of common sense at each conceal carry class that I have attended. Furthermore, he also takes $70,000 per episode from the History Channel. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. at the end of day a mans gonna do what makes him happy . 2023 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved. The show lasted approximately two years, from April 2014 to April 2015. Subsequent years saw Shelby Stanga grow into a sought-after swamp logger. Married Life Of Shelby Stanga. What I dont understand is the effete snobbery directed at them. I think the .22 is not as dangerous as what they are shooting at. The man became famous for recovering abandoned logs from waterways on History Channels reality series, Ax Men. and on the , Larry the cable Guy did a show on us here in Murrells Inlet S.C. . He would have to go bite the head off of a snake.He could never be out done. He has been a logger there for over 37 years. My former Marine, prison guard, swat team, weapons expert, three black belted brother would LOVE Shelby if he were alive!!! His 3.5 acres of land is at the edge of the lake. and thats no .500 smith. Highest Paid Reality TV Stars and How Much They Made, These 15 Billionaires Inherited Their Wealth Meet Them. He has around172K fan followers on Facebook as per 2018. Did Shelby's pirate ship sink? L&I learned that Smith owns S&S Aqua Logging in Florida; it was established in April 2007. Previously, Stanga worked on Man vs Wild back in 2006, and Ax Men in 2008. Shelby, who is 61 years old and stands 1.79 meters (5 feet 9 inches) tall, is an American national of white origin. I agree with caffeinated. Ha ha. He featured his wife in the episodeJehovahs Witness which aired in 2012. Yeah, the S&W 500 is a DA revolver. Shelby was part of the Swamp Man Logging Team on the third and fourth season of the Ax Men reality show. Did Billy Graham speak to Marilyn Monroe about Jesus? LOL!! TimesMojo is a social question-and-answer website where you can get all the answers to your questions. The episode also included a display of what happens when you make one of these backwoods loggers really happy. 2022 - 2023 Times Mojo - All Rights Reserved Owing to his exceptionally intriguing logging skills, Shelby garnered much popularity on the show. Somebodys got to log it. Im not volunteering. Apart from his love life, he loves to work in swamps. Shelby Stanga has spent years earning his title as the King of the Swamp and now you're going to learn how. This means half of the loggers made more than the median and half made less. Shelby Stanga joined Ax Men in its third season. Shelby is one of a kind! He also runs a gift shop at Lees Landing called Shelby Stangas Treasures. Shelby Stanga net worth: Shelby Stanga is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $800 thousand. You make me laugh and that is an important quality to have. Required fields are marked *. Synopsis. Coming out successful in the daring venture, Shelby earned himself widespread fame as a highly-skilled swamp logger. There are no records of the couple having any kids together. Fortunately, the legend did not harm himself fatally. I look forward to watching you each week. Dont miss to subscribe to our new feeds, kindly fill the form below. Shelby and Donna Stanga were on the 2017 episode of Jehova's Witnesses. Just keep him the hell out of my tennis club. Shelby retreated to the deepest part of the swamp - survived off the land - and regrouped. Accidents are typical in his line of work. May 4, 2011 #16 Shelby rules. Home | About | Contact | Copyright | Report Content | Privacy | Cookie Policy | Terms & Conditions | Sitemap. The show further was ended on26 April 2015. Later, he started his own reality TV show named "The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man" in 2013 in History channel. More briefly (ht to Ingvar Kamprad), its a big country. Its definitely the latter. He doesn't have a computer. go shelby! If you have a good imagination, you can almost hear Dueling Banjos playing in the background. He Makes the AxMen show and i certainly hope he has a long successful run and enjoys himself. Shelby Stanga was born on the 1st January 1960 in Louisiana USA; he spent his childhood in the Louisiana bayous, which made a mark on his entire life. Miriam Adelson is Now The 5th Richest Woman In The World Meet Her, Guy Fieri is Now The Highest Paid Chef and One Of The Highest Paid People On TV Meet Him, Top 10 Richest Male Porn Stars In The World. Its not a S&W and its not a 500, I come from southerner and logger stock and these inbred hicks are an embarrasment to humanity.. P.S. Your email address will not be published. Looks a lot like a 44 mag. Shelby Stanga is an American reality television actor born on the 1st of January 1960 in the United States. Fallers in sawmills, by contrast, earned a median wage of $17.47 per hour or $36,340 per year in the same period. Use play icon at top of the page to watch live coverage. He joined the cast of AX Men, a logging reality show, because he has been interested in logging since he was a child. The latest episode of the show aired in November 2018 and there is yet no news of a renewal or cancellation. For the period it lasted, Shelby held many TV audiences intrigued with many of his weird escapades. These people are hunters and marksmen and if any of you have ever been in a foxhole you would do well to have one of them at your side. His interest soon shifted to the swamps where he began to log. While some sources claim they have broken up, none of the two have commented on it. Ive been dumbstruck at how poor these guys leadership and interpersonal skills are. What are the qualities of an accurate map? The average yearly income of an American presenter is$111,000. Trending :Joanna Gaines || Pat Sajak || Brandi Love || Kamala Harris || Elizabeth Warren ||. Stanga has recently become a bit of a star thanks to the History Channel's show Ax Men . Bocephus wont save you. At the time of writing, the show has lost five of its members.Ax Men deaths. If I may borrow a term from your vernacular stop being such a hater: Good reply Hershel Walker, I would just like to add, if I were ever stuck in those swamps, Id like to be stuck with that man and definitely not any of the individuals that have posted the hate and prejudice on this post. It wouldnt surprise me if one (or more) of the logging companies filmed for the show has such a smooth logging season that they were left out of the final edit altogether. The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man season 1 premiered on History Channel on August 30, 2018. Jimmy Smith. It documented Stangas unusual lifestyle and what he does when he is not logging. written like you got a pole up yo ass.. which i would not be surprised if you do! They even stick the gun barrel in one of the crater-size holes in the ground to show what the roaring revolvers capable of. Wow, and that describes safe in what way? The TV actor has so far, earned significant wealth from his endeavors, with wealth estimated at $2 million. The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man is an American reality television series that premiered on August 6, 2013 on History as a spin off to the series Ax Men. Shelby makes want to watch Ax-Men every week, the guy is a mad man and a true swamp man. According to celebritynetworth, Shelby's net worth is around$800 Thousandas of2019. Love you and love your show. You need a guy with no sense of risk if you want those swamps logged. His left hand was torn off in a logging accident, but he now wears a prosthesis that allows him to operate a chainsaw. However, none of the shows actors have stepped forward to defend it. As a result, he became the favorite of many who often employ the services of swamp loggers. Noooooo Something like that could NEVER take place! Follow along as Stanga hunts snakes, employs his own version of swamp medicine, and outfits a massive barge in preparation for the biggest payday of his life. Now, for the first time,. Because law enforcement is the only dangerous job out there. Guns are an everyday part of these peoples lives. He earns a yearly income of roughly $70,000 as the star of the American documentary reality TV series Ax Men. He also owns over 20 businesses, which contributes to his ever-increasing net worth. ncaa women's pole vault record, how much money did regular show make, ten little snow pals,